The Matopo Primary School Teacher-to-Teacher project is documented here. It is kindly being supported by ETAS (English Teachers Association Switzerland) and the Roger Federer Foundation.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Amazing news!

We just got the most amazing news!
The Roger Federer Foundation is going to sponsor our project at Matopo Primary School!!!
This will give us the opportunity to do so many things we just couldn't afford before--for the next three years at least, we can build on our small beginning in a truly meaningful, sustainable way.
I'm over the moon!

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Eric said...

Fantastic news - well done Cindy and Matopo Primary School!

Illya said...

What wonderful news!!! I'm beside myself. However did you manage that??
I'm hoping to get the school I'm working at to support the school as well. I'll keep you up to date.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you, Cindy, and for everyone at the Matopo school! Congratulations!! :-)

Anonymous said...

What fantastic news! This is such an amazing project.

Anonymous said...

Well done! You and the teachers and children at the school deserve this. Good luck for your next teacher training trip.
- Hazel