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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

School opens on a difficult note

Most schools in Zimbabwe have closed, due to lack of resources, including teachers, many of whom have fled the country in the face of the present hardships.

An exception is Matopo Primary School, where Patson Mpofu, the Deputy Headmaster, and Newman Ncube, the Headmaster, are determined to stay the course. Thanks to the donations of the English Teachers' Association of Switzerland and other generous benefactors, the school is better off than the majority of schools there--they have books, materials, and 9 teachers.

What they don't have is electricity, needed not to run the non-existent computers or even lights, but the water pump. Denis Paul, our friend who has helped so much in keeping things going at Matopo, has promised to try and help out with that problem. Denis is also organizing a food package to tide the teachers and their families over--they have not been paid for many months.

The infrastructure in the whole country is breaking down. What you read in the newspapers and hear on the news about cholera and the crippled health care system is all true, and phone lines and the post are also providing very sporadic service.

What is so frustrating for me is that during my teacher training workshops there I was able to observe how well-trained and competent the teachers are. If only they had the means to do their jobs, the education system in Zimbabwe could once again be the best in Africa. The will is there, the motivation is there. People outside the country are willing to support those professionals and help those kids.

Why can't it happen?

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