The Matopo Primary School Teacher-to-Teacher project is documented here. It is kindly being supported by ETAS (English Teachers Association Switzerland) and the Roger Federer Foundation.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The results of our drive have been encouraging! Quite a few people have sent messages of praise and hope, and even some pledges to donate funds for shipping the growing pile of books, paper, pens and drawing pencils which is gathering in my garage from many sources. Thank you all for your generous donations and please pass the word: the need in Zimbabwe is growing every day.

The teachers and pupils at Matopo Primary School are in dire straits from no fault of their own. Whatever the misdeeds of the colonial times, the present regime has shown itself indifferent and even hostile to the welfare of its own people--while the whole world watches, and perhaps sympathizes, it is so frustrating to feel helpless in the face of events bigger than we can control. But here is a chance to do something--hands on and direct!

I wish we could be optimistic about the results of the expected election run-off at the end of this month, but I fear the worst about the outcome. So please, if you care, let us know and lend a helping hand!

Cindy Hauert
Coordinator of the English Teachers Association Teacher-to-Teacher project, Matopo Primary School, Zimbabwe

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