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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How much is 100 Swiss franks?

There's a 1 Frank store just down the road from my house. The last few days I decided to go down and see what was there and whether there was anything useful to send to the kids in Matopo.
The first time I went, it was just 5 of this, that and the other - a 20.- deal. But I realized how many things there were in the store that might not be availbale in Matopo and would probably be much too expensive anyway. So I started buying things in 5s and 10s until I had spent around 100 Franks.
Above you will see how far it went. Not bad really, when you think that there are quite a few pencils and pieces of chalk per pack.

But looking at it, my son and I started thinking about what was missing.
There are no staplers, let alone staples. No clear tape or tape dispensers. Erasers are missing as are pencil sharpeners.

My son had the idea of filling his school bag with stuff and sending it all to the pupils there. Now that is an excellent idea! A school bag full of stuff, multiply that by however many you can think of, and you've got yourself a great source of materials!

In the US we used to have food drives. We would go around the neighborhood asking for cans of food for the needy. Then we'd stack them in the classroom so could see how much we had collected. It was really motivating, and I'm sure it planted a seed in many a young good-doer.

There has been some response to this challenge so far (thank you sooo much to those of you who have contributed with your comments, suggestions and motivating ideas) but I must say it falls short of what was expected. Maybe the challenge needs to be lengthened. Maybe just a bit more time is needed. Maybe I was naive.

I won't give up, though!
We're looking forward to hearing from YOU!

Cindy and I certainly hope to hear from more of you and be able to end this challenge with a feeling of success.

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