The Matopo Primary School Teacher-to-Teacher project is documented here. It is kindly being supported by ETAS (English Teachers Association Switzerland) and the Roger Federer Foundation.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The 21-day challenge for Matopo

The 21-day challenge

At the moment there is much suffering in the world and all eyes are turned east towards China and Burma. People’s suffering in these places is horrifying, but the charity being generated throughout the world is commendable.

Yet there are other places of need and suffering. Places that don’t get in the news, or get forgotten as soon as the next media story comes up.

For these smaller, less “famous” places I’d like to set up a challenge. How much goodwill can be generated in 21 days?

The challenge will begin June 1st and last for exactly 3 weeks.

If you know of a small project that you could contribute to, then feel free to generate money, goods or any other kind of support for this project.

However, this challenge is being made with a particular project in mind.

The English Teachers Association of Switzerland (ETAS) is currently supporting the Matopo Primary School project ( I’ve been trying to support it as well through my blogging, but feel this just isn’t enough – thus the challenge.

For Swiss teachers and any others willing to join in, here is what you can do:

Primary schools – start a collection of school materials (they need everything!). What can be found around the homes of the kids in the school? What are neighbours willing to donate?

The class can then write a letter to the school and say something about themselves and their work.

Remember that materials should be in good condition, especially considering that getting the materials down is very expensive and so shouldn’t have to land in the garbage.

Business classes –If you are working in a company, the learners can present the case to the person(s) in charge and make a suggestion for a possible donation (a good one is to pay for part of the shipping!) Again, include a letter to the school, giving them your support.

Adult classes – You could write letters to different firms requesting donations with a description of the project and what is needed.

Send us your statements in a form of a comment to this post and how much you hope to achieve, and these will be added to the Matopo primary school blog and followed by the etasblog.

Please let us know if you are willing to take the 21 day challenge!

Thank you

Illya and Cindy


Susana Canelo said...

What a good idea!!! It's a moving challenge in fact. I'd love to join, but we're carrying on a similar project in our school. Since last year we're helping Tobas in Northern Argentina. At the begining it was a small project started by the students of 9th course (about 15 years old). All teachers and the rest of school have added themselves.
Every week we collect specific materials. As an example: This one is flour-week, so everybody has to bring a packet of flour.
We're in close contact with people who can take all this goods by lorry. Tobes live really far from our school.
A huge hug and congratulations for the idea!! This kind of things "mark" students' lives in an unforgatable way. You're making them good people and building a better world

Illya said...

Hi Susana
How lovely to get your words of support here.
What you are doing is even better than the challenge! This is a great idea and maybe after the challenge we could continue with a similar idea.

It's wonderful to see how much good is going on in these rough times!
Big hugs