The Matopo Primary School Teacher-to-Teacher project is documented here. It is kindly being supported by ETAS (English Teachers Association Switzerland) and the Roger Federer Foundation.

Monday, April 28, 2008

in limbo

We were so hopeful--only to have those hopes dashed as the current government refuses to acknowledge defeat.
Patson Mpofu, the Deputy Headmaster of Matopo, emailed me a couple of days ago. He says that although most of the violence is concentrated in regions away from Matopo, their main problem is getting food. He had gone, like thousands of others, to South Africa to pick up basics such as corn meal, cooking oil, and vegetables as these things are totally unavailable in Zimbabwe now.
On a more positive note, he said that although many schools have closed or become "meeting points for children" due to the mass exodus of teachers, he plans to open Matopo today. I am convinced that he and the teachers at Matopo have not given up, in part because they have our support.
So let's keep that up, and let them know that we have not forgotten them!