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Sunday, October 28, 2007



At the moment Cindy is in Zimbabwe giving teacher training courses to teachers there from the school as well as surrounding areas. I admire her dedication and hope that this blog reaches many people. Each comment is a small treasure of encouragement and greatly appreciated.
I'm sure that she will be surprised by the number of readers this blog has reached already.

Soon she will return and will be able to share her experiences with you here.
In the meanwhile, I have been thinking of ways to further help. It isn't possible to help everywhere in the world, but setting a stone rolling can move mountains.

Last year I read an article about a boy that was moved by the poverty he saw on television in a report about children in foreign town in a country far away from his own. He decided to start collecting coloured pencils for the children of this town.

I would like to take this boy as an example and begin a motivating people to collect plain and coloured pencils. This would be a great world wide project and perhaps if you would be willing to donate to this town in Zimbabwe, a village in Brasil, or some place in Sudan, just to name a very few examples (showing that poverty can be found everywhere).

Since I know that many teachers read this blog, perhaps it would be an opportunity to collect with your class or school and find out more about another place and reasons for poverty.

Just some simply suggestions.

Thank you for caring!

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